ANXIETY: Hope For Those Who Doubt, Worry, Or Panic

March 16, 2018

"Alas," the man cried out. "What shall we do?" Elisha's servant was freaked out. He saw the enemy, and thought that they were going to die. But Elisha wasn't worried, for he saw what the other man didn't. Click to hear this encouraging sermon from 2 Kings 6.


ADDICTION: Addiction To Porn, Pills And Other Vices

February 27, 2018

Are you suffering from an addiction to pornography, pills, alcohol, or something similar? Are you looking for help? If so, please click to hear this encouraging (and convicting) sermon from James 1:13-15.


CREATION: God’s Hands; God’s Plans

February 19, 2018

How do we know what our "purpose" in life is? As created beings, then our design, circumstances, and purpose must flow from our Creator. It cannot be otherwise. Click above to hear more, in this sermon from Psalm 139.


SANCTIFICATION: Christ’s Invitation To The Overwhelmed

February 5, 2018

In our day-to-day lives, we face all manner of things that threaten to drown and defeat us. But we don't face them alone!

Click the link to listen to a sermon from Matthew 11:28-30, titled: "Christ's Invitation To The Overwhelmed."


COVENANT THEOLOGY: Under The Law, Or Under Grace (An Overview)

January 25, 2018

Are we under the "law," or are we under "grace?" You've probably heard someone say that "we're not under the law anymore." What do they mean when they say this? And what does the Bible have to say about the matter?

Click above to hear this sermon from Romans 6:15-18.


LIFE & PURPOSE: When We Ask God, ‘What’s The Point?’

January 23, 2018

What's the point? Given all the hurts and hardships of day-to-day life, what's the point of faithfulness? That was the question of the people in Malachi's day. Click above to listen to this sermon from Malachi 3.


SCRIPTURE: How To (And Not To) Read The Bible

January 16, 2018

The Bible is not a dusty old relic; it does not require our progressive ideas and theologies. It just needs to be opened, read, and preached for what it is - God's inerrant and divine Word.

Click above for this sermon from 2 Timothy 2:15-19.


SANCTIFICATION - The Battle Within (Struggles In Sanctification)

January 4, 2018

Even though we've been born again, our fallen nature is opposed to our new nature, so that "we do not do the things that (we) wish." Click above to learn more about the battle within, in a sermon from Galatians 5:16-24.


CHRISTOLOGY: The King Of Christmas

December 24, 2017

At Christmas, even a secular world can find "baby Jesus" to be appealing. Jesus as a child, or a teacher, or a healer, does not cause the world grief. But Jesus as King? Or Jesus the divine? That's a different story.

Click to hear this timely sermon from Isaiah 6:1-8.


MISSIOLOGY: Missions And The Care Of Missionaries

December 19, 2017

What is it to be "kingdom minded?" The church in Philippi had plenty to worry about on their own. However, the Philippians knew that the kingdom of God extended beyond their congregation. Click to hear how the Philippians supported the ministry of the Apostle Paul, in this sermon from Philippians 4:10-19.